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Mt. Tai (Tai Shan)
10 Tours and Activities

Mt. Tai (also written Tai Shan, Taishan, and Mt. Taishan) is a majestic mountain located in Shandong Province. It spans two cities – Tai’an and Jinan – and is the principal mountain among the five most significant in China. In 1987, Mt. Tai was listed as a Cultural and Natural World Heritage Site and later in 2006, a World Geopark.

Mt. Tai has been climbed by the emperors of China’s dynasties for ceremonious events and in particular to signify they were the sole ruler of the country at the time. These days it’s the most climbed mountain in China because of its history, majesty, and the spectacular views it presents.

There are a number of ways to climb Mt. Tai but the most popular – and the one favoured by the ancient emperors – is via the Red Gate/Imperial route, which involves ascending more than 6,000 steps.

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