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Vai'ete Square (Place Vai'ete)
Vai'ete Square (Place Vai'ete)

Vai'ete Square (Place Vai'ete)

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Located in downtown Papeete, Vai'ete Square is a nice place to take a relaxing waterfront stroll during the day. At night, however, the atmosphere becomes much more lively at colorful food wagons (roulottes) offering local cuisine and decadent desserts open to the masses. From 6pm to around 3am, visitors can sample everything from Tahitian pizza to French crepes to grilled calf heart. Live music from a nearby pavilion as well as live performances of all kinds add to the vibrant atmosphere, while tables littering the square allow you to relax and enjoy your meal.

After you're done eating, you'll be able to wander the downtown to explore some of the island's nightlife options. Not surprisingly, the square becomes rowdier as the night goes on. On certain nights of the month, you can also find traditional dance performances taking place.

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Vai'ete Square, Papeete

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