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Things to Do in Mekong Delta


Cai Rang Floating Market (Cho Noi Cai Rang)
107 Tours and Activities

No place gives better insight into life on the Mekong Delta than the Cai Rang Floating Market (Chợ Noi Cái Rang), where hundreds of wooden rowboats showcase everything from rice and clothing to exotic fruits and vegetables. Located just 4 miles (6 kilometers) from the city of Can Tho, the market can be admired from dry land or during a boat ride.

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Cái Bè
113 Tours and Activities

Nestled among the rice paddies of the Mekong Delta, Cái Bè is a riverfront village that is most famous for its floating market. All week long, vendors crowd into the harbor to sell fruit and vegetables from ramshackle boats. Visiting the market offers travelers a glimpse into local life in southern Vietnam.

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My Tho
106 Tours and Activities

For a convenient tour of the Mekong Delta, My Tho is the most popular jumping off point, thanks to its close proximity to Ho Chi Minh City. Organized tours from the city are common and easy to find, and they include the bus ride down, a boat ride along the river canals, and stops at local attractions. These riverside stops can include visits with local beekeepers and coconut-candy makers, and village tours, before stopping for lunch at a riverside restaurant. In the village of My Tho itself, you can relax at a riverfront café and visit the Vinh Trang Pagoda, where three Buddha statues sit among the lush temple gardens. Just outside the village, the Dong Tam Snake Farm breeds cobras for food, snakeskins, and to produce anti-venom, and you can visit the farm to see various cobras and pythons on display.

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Vinh Tràng Pagoda
35 Tours and Activities

This one of a kind pagoda tucked into the mossy green hillside of the An Phu Mountain in a true oasis for travelers seeking a sense of internal calm amid the serene beauty nature. Vast landscapes and crystal clear waters stretch for miles around the towering Tuong Wan Pagoda. A fresh water well sits at the entry to Tuong Van and visitors who choose to navigate the grounds will find massive statues of well-known gods surrounding the traditional religious structure. While the pagoda is typical for Vietnam, Tuong Van’s placement in the lush foliage outside Ho Chi Minh City makes it a destination for travelers.

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