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Cat Tuong Quan Zen House
Cat Tuong Quan Zen House

Cat Tuong Quan Zen House

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Travelers will find unparalleled beauty, spaces for quiet contemplation and nothing short of inspiration on a visit to the iconic Cat Tuong Quan Zen House in Hue. This one-of-a-kind religious center is a destination for Buddhists and mindfulness experts, thanks to spacious gardens, stunning pagodas and quiet grounds.

Stationed among the Thien An Hill pine forest, travelers can participate in Qigong, mindfulness workshops, meditation and yoga on a visit to this incredible destination. Expert chefs prepare satisfying vegetarian meals and local Buddhists offer insight into the practice, culture and traditions that make Cat Tuong Quan Zen House an almost holy escape.

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Cu Chanh 1, Thuy Bang Huong Thuy, Hue, Vietnam

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