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Things to Do in Hat Yai


Hat Yai Magic Eye 3D Museum

The aptly named Magic Eye 3D Museum in Hat Yai isn’t your ordinary museum. You won’t find ancient relics or old paintings, nor are there placards detailing history or significance. Instead, the halls of this whimsical attraction are painted floor to ceiling with more than 100 scenes and murals that give the illusion of three dimensions, especially when captured through the lens of a camera.

It’s not so much a place to admire artwork; visitors are meant to step inside and become part of the paintings. Camera-toting visitors can strike a pose ascending a stairway to heaven amid clouds and hot air balloons, hanging precariously from a cliff face, meditating within an hour glass or riding a magic carpet through the deserts of Egypt.

While the Magic Eye 3D Museum is best experienced with friends, friendly staff members are around to help set up and snap the perfect picture. Sample photographs and foot signs guide visitors to the best posing positions.

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