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Mahone Bay
Mahone Bay

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Did anyone say picture-perfect? Postcard-worthy Mahone Bay is a historic and charming village steeped in nautical history –so much so, in fact, that its name comes from the French word for the barge used by local privateers, “mahonne.” Indeed, Mahone Bay once was a safe haven for pirates and privateers back in the 18th century! The seaside town has since become famous for its wooden-boat building industry and its tourist attractions, as its waterfront has been heavily featured in travel magazines and has become nothing short of iconic thanks to the presence of three prominent churches: St James' Anglican, St John's Evangelical Lutheran and Trinity United. A popular tourist destination, Mahone Bay has plenty of both affordable and upscale dining, lodging and shopping options, including B&Bs, inns, specialty shops, art galleries and seafood-oriented, locally-sourced restaurants.

The bay itself, which faces the Atlantic Ocean, is marked by the presence of numerous picturesque working fishing communities and is spotted by the presence of 365 islands, including the prominent Big Tancook and Little Tancook islands and tree-covered Oak Island, famous for its buried treasures. Being so intricately linked to water, it therefore doesn’t come as a surprise that Mahone Bay would offer spectacular sailing and kayaking opportunities for water sports enthusiasts, as well as plentiful hiking, cycling and fauna observation options for visitors who would rather remain on firm ground.

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578 Main Street, Mahone Bay, B0J 2E0

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