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Bockenheimer Warte
1 Tour and Activity

In what is possibly one of the world’s most interesting subway entrances, a streetcar appears to burst through the sidewalk from underground at the Bockenheimer Warte. Bockenheimer Warte is a part of the neighborhood of Bockenheim, which is a residential area that is worth visiting to get an impression of where locals go for grocery shopping, haircuts, and the like. Bockenheimer Warte is a five-minute walk from the Palmengarten, one of Frankfurt’s two large botanical gardens, and the Senckenberg Museum (Germany’s second-largest natural history museum) is quite close as well.

The lively Leipziger Straße, full of shops and places to eat, also begins at the Bockenheimer Warte. This creative metro entrance is one of the best photo opportunities in Frankfurt and is certainly worth stopping by if you have a few minutes to spare, especially if you are already in the area to visit the natural history museum or the botanical garden.

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