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Things to Do in Boracay


Crocodile Island
3 Tours and Activities

There’s no need to watch for crocs when you snorkel or scuba the coral around this Boracay islet. Seen from the water, Crocodile Island looks exactly like a crocodile, with a protruding spine, low-lying head, and long tail, all covered in green leaves. But it’s the huge sea fans and colorful macro life below the ocean that draw travelers.

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Crystal Cove Island
1 Tour and Activity

Large letters atop this rocky Boracay islet spell out the name “Crystal Cove.” For some years, the island housed the Crystal Cove Island Resort, with beach bungalows, photogenic sea caves, and a collection of birds of prey. But the resort closed in 2018 when authorities shut down Boracay and, as of early 2020, shows no signs of reopening.

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Balinghai Beach
6 Tours and Activities

On an island that’s known for its spectacular beaches, Balinghai Beach on northwestern Boracay is a private, white sand stunner. Much smaller than White Beach—where Boracay comes to party—Balinghai Beach is on a section of coast that can only be reached by sailing canoe or a footpath from Balinghai Resort. The beach is technically open to the public, but you’ll need to pay a day use fee of about $10 per person. The fee is good all day, however, and allows access to beach facilities like cabanas and chairs, and there’s even a popular oceanfront restaurant for ordering some food and drinks.

While the sand here at Balinghai isn’t as soft as neighboring White Beach, the sunsets are arguably much more romantic since it’s set in an intimate cove, and the only sound is of waves on the sand and wind rustling in the trees. To visit Balinghai Beach in Boracay, join in a 6-hour island hopping tour that explores the coastline and coves.

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