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Things to Do in Bonn

When this friendly, relaxed city on the Rhine became West Germany's ‘temporary’ capital in 1949 it surprised many, including its own residents. When in 1991 a reunited German government decided to move back to Berlin, it shocked many, especially its own residents. More than 15 years later, no-one need feel sorry for Bonn. Change brings opportunity, and rather than plunge into the dark depths of provincialism, the ex-capital has reinvented itself with creativity and vigor. Its cosmopolitan openness has attracted an international cast of businesses, students, scientists and even such world organizations such as the UN.

For visitors, the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven has plenty in store, not the least the great composer’s birth house, a string of top-rated museums, a lovely riverside setting, castles, and the nostalgic flair of the old government quarter.

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