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Things to Do in Bergerac


Commarque Castle (Chateau de Commarque)

Founded in the 12th century, but abandoned from the 17th century until after World War II, Commarque Castle (Château de Commarque) is a ruined medieval chateau. Visit to see the ruins and a cave with prehistoric art, as well as caves once used as homes. Participate in games, workshops, and treasure hunts held on school vacations.

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Calviac Zoological Reserve (Reserve Zoologique de Calviac)

Spread out over a steep, wooded hillside, the Réserve Zoologique de Calviac houses a number of species, many from tropical areas. The reserve is home to roughly 200 animals from 30 species, ranging from squirrel monkeys to fossas, and boasts many species that aren’t often found in zoos.

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