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Fallot Mustard Mill (La Moutarderie Fallot)
Fallot Mustard Mill (La Moutarderie Fallot)

Fallot Mustard Mill (La Moutarderie Fallot)

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TheFallot Mustard Mill (La Moutarderie Fallot) is the first museum in France to be entirely dedicated to mustard, the renowned condiment that has become the pride and joy of the Burgundy region. Inside the museum, visitors will find a selection of modern and ancient tools that were used to create mustard and its derivative products, revealing many surprising trade secrets along the way. The multi-sensorial and interactive exhibits explain everything from the manufacturing process to the tasting criteria; visitors are even encouraged to test their own knowledge of mustard through different experiences. The museum offers two different guided visits: the first one, called Découvertes, is more traditional and features a mixture of commentary and videos in the museum. The second one, called Sensational Experiences, takes visitors inside the actual production facilities in order to get a better understanding of the process and the challenges the industry faces today. The real highlight, however, is the “mustard bar” inside the Espace Faillot gift shop, where visitors are encouraged to taste as many mustards as they like.

Moutarderie Fallot has been in operation since 1840 and is now the only remaining artisanal mustard producer in Burgundy.

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Rue du Faubourg Bretonnière, Beaune, Bourgogne, 21200

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